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Launcher delayed startup for minutes and solution

The last 6 months, i have found an issue, for which there was no reference in any forum, or if there is, i haven't found it. The issue is, that every time i click on the eso shortcut or even if i click to play from the steam tray, it takes about 1-2mins for the launcher to load and show up. It is exremely annoying as someone can imagine.

I tried a variety of actions to solve it, from deleting user and windows temp folders, deactivate addons, and other stuff, but the only workaround i had found to work, was to add the shortcut in the startup folder, where to my surprise, it loads the launcher along the other programs normally, but this is not what i wanted nor a proper solution. Finally 3-4 months ago, i found partially the cause but cannot explain why it happens, but it works.

It appears that... log files, yes that's right, are the cause of this delay, unknown why, so if someone goes to steamapps\common\Zenimax Online\Launcher and deletes all the "host.developer" logs he finds, the problem dissapears and the launcher keeps opening normally from there on, but for about a week or so until you delete them again when you see the issue starting over.

All i could find is this, and i thought to write it here in case someone else has this issue too. I hope it helps as it does for me.

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