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Returning Player looking for a Guild [NA][EST][PC]

Soul Shriven
Hey there, so the title says it all, but let me introduce myself and my history with ESO. Before I get into the meat of what exactly it is I am looking for!

So, firstly feel free to call me Grim, nice to meet ya. I’m someone who played initially at launch, and ended up falling in love with this game. Initially I was on console, but inevitably migrated to PC, where, you guessed it, I bought ESO, again. It’s been a long time since then, and even longer since my last attempt at getting into the game. Since Morrowin was the last chapter, I tried to really get invested, but failed to.

Anyways, enough about me, what is it I’m looking for? Well easy, a rather friendly and inclusive guild (doesn’t have to be a LGBTQ+ only guild, but definitely friendly towards that group), with a community that ranges from casual to midcore. Who doesn't mind answering dumb questions, nor mind helping someone get a little caught up. Both informationaly, and actual gear and experience. A place that is always active, attentive of its members, and respectful above all else. I’m primarily a PvE player, though I do miss ESO’s massive PvP scene. So maybe a guild that does both? Or is PvE focused with a side of PvP, as a treat.

If your guild sounds like a good fit for me, or you got questions. Feel free to send a message to me on discord, username is; Seidr#5683 I look forward to talking with ya!
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