New Companions for you to find in older zones via a map

Soul Shriven

I would like to suggest that we get the option to buy exclusive companion zone maps in areas before the Blackwood DLC. I think maybe 100 - 150 crowns for these companion maps for whatever zones people prefer to be immersed in at a given moment to bring players back to these older zones to experience something new to do besides the normal World Boss events or resource gathering for a certain daily writ, or personal use gear. I strongly think that if this idea does get added to the game that we see them maybe level up to slightly higher level like level 30 - 40 with the previous companions being able to level up to the 30 - 40 as well if not higher. I think this would be a reasonable request since these older zones need a little bit of love for both old and new players to explore further, alongside the option of there being new quests to do. These new companions could be specialty companions where they specific fighting style like a mage only regardless of what weapons you have equipped they will always cast spells to either heal you, themselves, or a random person if fighting one of the many World Bosses that spawn in. Still keep it to where we need to unlock them via a quest, and have it where they spawn in certain areas, but the player needs a map to find them.

What are your thoughts on this topic feel free to leave them down below.
  • BulletMagnetX
    I'd be happy with Veteran story quest replayability. Or an event activity in which we are sent back in time to our greatest victories to battle again, on hard mode or with unusual alterations, to thwart a time traveling foe looking to undo us by inverting our successes.
    Molag's balls!
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