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[Feature discussion] Spell crafting and Combat

I recently heard the news about possible spellcrafting how it has been removed before launching, but they have all the blueprints and plans 9 years ago.

I am not very optimistic regarding this, since ZOS also said that there will be a lot of things they need to bring focus on, but I believe whenever this feature hopefully launched, this will be definitely a game changer for ESO.

If they are going to implement spell crafting just like they originally planned here then the classes and other skill lines must be revamped. They already thought about this too im pretty sure.

Classes rather should provide some passives (like racial passives) and should be alongside spell crafting where you can benefit or rewarded whenever you invested a particular skill points.
Moving forward, classes will be the "identity" of your character even if you can craft any spells, wield any weapons, there is something that makes you unique as a master of a particular school, or wielding physical weapons as warriors, rangers, assassins.. etc.



Destruction: Fire Spells (Passive)
Skill 1 - Flame spells cost less magicka when cast
Skill 2 - Flame spells do more damage when wielding inferno staff (whatever)
Skill 3 - Increases duration of DoT spells or whatever the effect..
Skill 4 - Access Master Level Flame Spells.. whatever..
Destruction: Shock Spells (Passive)
Destruction: Frost Spells (Passive)



Conjuration: Summon Undead(Passive)
Skill 1 - Conjuring zombie / skeleton from a corpse cost less magicka
Skill 2 - Double the duration of summoned undead
Skill 3 - Reanimated zombie / skeleton do more damage
Skill 4 - Access to Master Level Undead Spells
Conjuration: Summon Atronach (Passive)
Conjuration: Summon Daedra (Passive)



Restoration: Healing
Restoration: Ward Spells
Restoration: Offensive Light Spells (Whatever)




You get the idea. This is just an example though, the point is reward players if they follow a particular class path, that will benefit the character. This way, there is no class identity killing yet we still have all freedom to wield what weapons, craft spells whatever we want. jack of all trades, master of one. form whatever build you choose.

The thing that they to hard implement is the need to just to choose where you should invest it (in class skill)

EX: when you chose flame skill line on sorcerer, destruction spells, you cannot choose from Shock or Frost passives anymore. but then again partner this with spell crafting, you can still use whatever spells you crafted. Only the "masters" of a particular school of magic can access master spells. Likewise, wielding physical weapon on a warrior will give you access on "master" stam weapon skills.

They should balance this to physical wielding weapon like warrior, paladin, ranger, assassin whatever. Maybe instead spell crafting, they should use "training". for physical types.

It is not that difficult to balance as well since they know what spells/abilities of the class should be balanced.

Note: Again, I'm not that very optimistic that this will be happening soon or worse, not going to happen. Just my thoughts on how should ESO launched from the start. Maybe it is not too late after all, or maybe.

What are your thoughts?
Edited by kriegwar13 on January 25, 2023 12:49PM
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