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[PC-EU][18+ RP] Tel Edri - Dunmer/Telvanni themed guild

Soul Shriven
"So you three got expelled from Shad Astula and are now seeking knowledge of my father to make something out of yourself? Hm, I can perhaps speak with his Mouth on your behalf, but it will cost me how well you can handle you magic staves and then we can talk."
-exchange between sera Aruleth Edri and few aspiring apprentices-

Tel Edri is a dark elf culture themed wizard-house guild focused on 18+ RP. Being part of the great house Telvanni the mages, guards and various hirelings from all around Tamriel associated with the tower of Tel Edri need to deal with magic, jealous rivals within their faction and other shenanigans to be found around Vvardenfell.

Attracting all sorts of characters willing to serve or deal with the tower's masters, the word around is that both ambitious prodigies and outcasts in need of coin can find what they seek at Tel Edri as long as they make themselves useful.

If you seek either gold, powerful magic or just new adventure, wait no longer and board the next ship sailing to Vvardenfell!

We are on the PC/Mac-EU server, but we are open to PC/Mac-NA players who don't mind making alts and can manage the time difference as well

We are open to all races, as long as the characters have some believable reason to stay. Tel Edri tries to stay away from the big Three Banner war, so reaching across Tamriel isn't such an impossible deal.

Role suggestions

"Indentured Servants"

The traditional dunmer practice of slavery still exists up to this date. The wider Dunmer society has for the time being, stopped using Argonians and Nords for slave labour due to political reasons. But such petty consideration don't both the Telvanni who have no issues putting even their own kin into such a position.

Talented slaves can rise from their status by making themselves valuable to their masters or one day earn their freedom.

Note: This status is merely meant as a flavour to your character that shall give it some depth or interesting story arc. Our guild doesn't really support BDSM themes very much.


Guards, free house servants and other talents on the paycheck of house Edri.While the bulk of hired people come from the Dunmer, being pragmatists, the house doesn’t frown upon employing people from foreign lands in their services as long as they respect Dunmer customs and accept the mannerism of their frivolous wizard masters.

Note: Guards will be required to wear standardised armor

Apprentices / Assistants

A level above hirelings are the personal apprentices and assistants of master Teldras Edri. Being trained in the arts of magic or helping the master with his research and other projects as befitting an ambitious Telvanni wizard.

Note: Magical aptitude neccesary.


Friends, supporters or allies from outside the house Edri.


The only featured relatives of master Teldras Edri at the moment are his son Therion and daughter Aruleth.

Note: Leader’s alts for story purpose but you can RP a distant relative if you come with an interesting idea.


Currently the head of the house is master Teldras Edri, a Telvanni wizard and skilled wielder of many schools of magic. Although due to passion for research the mundane management of the house affairs have been mostly left in the hand of his children.


The guild is based on the island tower of Tel Edri (we use the Tel Galen housing instance), near the town of Sadrith Mora on Vvardendell.In Western Deshaan in Morrowind. The Edri clan keeps few envoys near Mournhold, based in fine dunmeri villa ( Velothi Reverie housing instance).We also like to travel around and visit places during various RP adventures. There are also several other housing instances used on a less regular basis.


To join our guild seek @iralan in game (PC-EU server). Either send me a whisper or write me an in-game mail in case I am not online at the moment and we shall take it from there.

We are also interested in interacting with other guilds and solo players that enjoy 18+ RP in their stories.
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