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Looking for a guild w/ Sunday PT learning trials

Soul Shriven
I've been playing the game for a while but haven't had much trial experience. Sundays are the best for me to commit to a trial group, but most guilds I've seen take Sundays off or do other events on that day. Hoping to find a guild that does beginner/learning trials on Sundays, Pacific time afternoons/evenings. I play DPS but trying to branch into heals too. CP850. Let me know if your guild may be a good fit!
  • AloraDanis
    Soul Shriven
    “For the CLEAR” is a new Guild of mature gamers who started off playing ESO together on a simple Discord server. Since then, we’ve grown to the point that it’s now time to create an actual in-game Guild for all members and we’re looking to expand.

    If you too are a mature gamer who is looking for more like-minded ESO players to run content with, whether it’s completing casual overland quests with friends or clearing beginner to more challenging veteran trials and HM dungeons with fellow comrades in arms, or even if PVP is more your speed, “For the CLEAR” may be just the place for you.

    All level of players will be considered for membership!! Clearing Veteran & HM Trials is our big focus, but we certainly welcome the more novice player as well and offer training trials to help get our beginner players on the right path so they too can joy the thrill of clearing the more challenging content.

    So, if you’re looking for Fun, Challenging Content, Great Group Dynamics, Progression, and Clears, then you should check out “For the CLEAR”!!

    Feel free to contact me directly, @AloraDanis, if you’d like more information. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

    Discord server,
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