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Problem: Arkadius not automatically logging all sales

Hi, I am not sure how long this has been going on but I just realised that my Arkadius addon is not automatically registering all of my sales. In fact, it is only registering about 30% of them. I know I can manually force an update by going to Guild - Sales - and then mashing the E key for half an hour, but it is really tedious. The worst part is that if I log out and then back in again, it sets everything back to where it was.

Just for the record, all my addons are up-to-date & I have tried disabling all other addons to no avail. What I have not done just yet is to delete Arkadius & reinstall it. I'll do that if I have to, but wanted to find out first if anyone else is having the same problem.

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  • Saint-Ange
    I noticed a change happening around a month ago. Prior to that I could see my sales in almost real time in Arkadius or Master Merchant. An addon developer explained the sync is happening on server side and there's nothing we can do.
    Till around 2 weeks ago I could follow my sales almost live (~1 min) with MasterMerchant or Arkadius but not anymore. Often I'm stuck with 2 or 4 hours old history with no way to update it manually, it simply shows as synced, all linked already. No lua error whatsoever. So or there's something wrong on my end but I can't find what or the API has been modified.

    Edit: I'm not the only one affected in my trading guild.
    There are two things to consider, online or new sales and offline or old sales.

    The E key to request more data from when you were logged off only gets sales while you were not logged into the game. There is no equivalent for new sales after you log in. You can not force that to update that is server controlled.

    The server limits the new sales that are presented to a player after you log in. If the server is under load it will not provide new sales at all. This is not a bug, it is intentional on the part of ZOS. This restriction has nothing to do with mod authors. Some people in the official forums have mentioned the only way to force it is to log out to the login screen where you put in your password. I don't recommend doing that because you will be logging in and out a lot. Just log in the next day and get your data.

    While we are talking about server restrictions I would like the take the time to remind everyone all server restricted information can not be resolved by mod authors. The last time Philgo attempted to do so ZOS removed the functionality and asked him to remove the code from MM.

    Also Arkadius does not use LibHsitorie at all. LibHistorie and Arkadius get data from the guild history panel. MM gets its information from LibHistorie.

    Surely it worked far better before. Which let me think, considering many people have left the game, the hardware capacity has been adjusted, reduced.
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  • Lillutu
    Thanks for all that info Saint-Ange. That makes sense.
  • Necrotech_Master
    i use arkadius and as far as i can tell its working correctly

    when i get an email about sales, it doesnt always show up immediately in the arkadius window, but it does eventually record the sale, usually seems to update more commonly after say zoning to another zone
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  • Mithgil
    Arkadius is working fine for me.
    PC NA Yes, I use add-ons.
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