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Getting kicked midmatch

I haven’t played ToT in roughly two weeks and decided to do some ranked matches again. I am finding in about half the matches, midway through the match while flipping over my cards, I’m getting booted to the main ESO screen.

This, of course, stinks because it looks like rage-quits (even though my latest boots were while leading or in competitive matches, sadly) and losing out on points/coffers for match completion.

Considering I did not have this problem with ToT before, I’m wondering if anyone else is encountering similar issues or if my ISP just has the poopiest timing ever to have momentary connection issues?

I have no issues playing for hours on Red Dead Online. I do sometimes have kicked-to-main screen moments with ESO, but that usually comes when it could be an idle timer kick. But this consistency with ToT becoming unplayable for real player matches while I am midplay is weird/frustrating. I do not autoplay my cards, so is it possible to click on them too quickly and get kicked for spamming? I don’t get the spamming message when returned to main screen, just the generic error message about losing connection.

I’m on PS5 NA using wireless connection.
PS5 NA. GM of The PTK's - a free trading guild (CP 500+). Also a werewolf, bites are free when they're available. PSN = DragonRacer13
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