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Why are armory slots character specific?

There isn't much to be said about this. It feels exploitative that these slots are character specific and not account wide. Instead of it costing 12k crowns to max out the slots for your account, the equivalent of around $80-$90 USD, it costs that much per character.

I bought the assistant a while back thinking I'd be able to buy several slots to accommodate all of my different builds across multiple characters. After finding out they weren't account wide, I simply have not purchased a slot and the assistant has been used maybe a handful of times.

I'd love an explanation of why the system is designed in this way, that proves it wasn't just greed.
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  • sharquez
    Yeah that's pretty greedy. No reason to lock these things per character. Probably costs them sales to have it in this state. I know that's why I tend not to spend on things like these. Can't say I have any confidence in this being changed but it would go a long way towards gaining back the goodwill they are hemorrhaging.
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  • Danikat
    You've answered your own question: it's more expensive and therefore (assumed to be) more profitable this way.

    I'm not sure if any consideration was made for players like you who would have bought more slots if they were account wide, but if so presumably ZOS thought it would be worth the loss to get more from people who will buy them no matter what.
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  • Taggund
    Since they are on sale, i came close to buying one today for my main to use as a template slot. However, reason won out and I'll still not buy them. If it opened a slot on all characters I would have bought several even when not on sale. This type of crown monetization is what turns me off on ESO in general.
  • Rageypoo
    I 100% agree
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