Paint the Map [Your color here]

Hopefully we will have a Cyrodiil revival soon, after server upgrades, re-coding and bug fixes (fingers crossed on that one ;) ). Now I think it is high time to make the Cyrodiil experience more smooth for beginners and semi-experienced players. I personally learned way too late what the home territory of each factions is, although it is of course obvious once you learned it. But wouldn't it be wonderful if also the territory your faction currently owns would be lightly painted in the owner's color, showing the respective progress to paint the map [your color here]? One would also be aware which faction the guards in the cities are, and the like. I would love it!

Also, while we are at it, why not improving the roster to join Cyrodiil, so you can easily see which campaign's faction has which LowPop/LowScore Bonus? That would make those bonusses much more attractive for beginners and progress people alike I am convinced, and isn't it their purpose to attract players?
  • Necrotech_Master
    the general problem with low pop/score bonuses is that those situations are generally very unforgiving to new players

    a lot of the time a faction that has low pop is already outnumbered unless the entire campaign is straight dead, and new players wont be able to fight outnumbered (not to mention a new player might not even know what the low pop/score bonus even means)

    but it would be great for experienced players to know when those are active without joining the campaign

    as for the map stuff, if your on PC i think there could be addons related to that
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  • Tendrielle
    I still think the suggestions provided are good ones to improve the PvP environment a little bit, especially the "paint the map" one. Without costing any performance!
    Also, it was the usual pain on the recent Mayhem event to hop campaigns until finding a low pop/score one...
    But well, maybe, maybe, in fall all things are new and shiny?
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