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LUDUS MAGNUS now recruiting.

Originally founded as a PvP guild on May 19, 2014 LUDUS MAGNUS has seen it’s share of trials and tribulations. While we may not be as active in the PvP area as days of old we still support those who are. Today we are more of a casual social guild who’s primary goals are to help other and just socialize. We are a no pressure guild, however we do ask that you have DISCORD.
Currently we are undergoing a guild / roster reboot and looking for members of all walks of life.
As a guild / clan founder and leader I have been in the field since 2005 starting with CoD. My travels have taken me through many gaming worlds since that time, including two time BETA testing for ESO (Beta Group 85b 9 - Nov. 22, 2013).
Our current guild hall is located just outside of the RIFTEN gates. It’s small, but it works for now.
If you are interested please feel free to send a request or a letter. I will respond.
We may not be the biggest guild or the most popular guild, but one thing is for sure.... we are still here.

* We will never ask for membership fees or donations.
* New and veteran players of ALL classes and levels are welcome.
* We are a drama free guild, so please leave that at the door.
* At the moment we are not a trading guild, so don’t expect such.

- @Ulvich
Hit Hard. Hit Fast. Hit Often

BETA Group: 8.5b 9 Nov. 22, 2013 - March 14, 2014
ESO Member Since: April 03, 2014
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