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BG Achievement Questions

Soul Shriven
Hello I am newer to PVP and Battle Grounds and I thought I would ask here some questions about BG.

I am first of all confused on the progress tracking on "Grand Standard-Bearer" It states to progress to "Seize 250 Capture Points in Battlegrounds" yet I don't seem to make any progress at all when capturing points in game modes. Do I need to be grouped or capture with other people? Crazy King and Domination both have capture points but something is making my captures consistently not count towards the progression. Also, is there a game-mode queue I can select to join? I am not very interested in TDM in ESO so I would like to avoid playing it in the battlegrounds. Do I need to join the battlegrounds physically inside Cyrodiil somehow or am I missing something?
  • Necrotech_Master
    battlegrounds are joined by queue, and there is currently no way to specify specific game modes to queue for, you only have the 1 random queue (well 2 if you count the "solo only" and "group" queues)

    the standard bearer achievement line definitely requires you to be on the flag when it flips control, it definitely works in domination, it should also work in crazy king, but i dont do battlegrounds that much to remember for sure (there might be a separate achievement for crazy king captures

    they used to have separate queues (deathmatch, land games, flag grab) when they first introduced the system, but for possibly many different reasons they decided it was better to go to the single random queue to get matches faster

    the population in general i think wants to have queues to specific game modes (people who only like deathmatch, people who want to avoid deathmatch, or in other cases people who want to work on achievements and need specific game modes to do so)
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  • BenTSG
    Achievements seem to track very poorly for some of them, such as the "Deal/Heal X amount in a single gamemode". Make sure to stay on the flag so you have the little control icon show up, and wait for it to fill up for your team then move on

    Like Necro said, there's no way to queue for specific game modes. You'll either have to wait for weekend gamemode events to get your fill, or keep queing to see what you get. I've not seen much DM in the queue anyways
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