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About to give up on the NB class

Other than the argument of blaming the user, objectively speaking NB is very fragile and can’t take out tankier opponents to save its life. Been playing a NB for over 6 months and use an MMO mouse. It’s either kill or be killed with the NB. I’ve got 18k health, 11k pen, 9k resistances. Most ganks fail regardless of using weapon power pots, etc. even worse is getting caught, not even vigor or healthy offering is enough to survive. People can easily spam acid spray or something pulling you out of cloak. Forget ganking anyone in a group as you’ll get caught in some aoe for instadeath and most travel in groups anyways. I’ve ran tests with full Stygian, gold weapon, RAT, Rally, weapon power pot, stage 3 vamp, and still weak burst against an unbuffed opponent. Yeah the NB “has the highest burst of any class” but not by a whole lot.

I’ve had way more success playing as DK as people tend to run/hide from me instead.
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  • TechMaybeHic
    It definitely isn't a NB problem. The tools are in the class

    I'm not sure about the current gank builds as I run more as a brawler and group build so I have a lot more health and resist than what you have. Still can take out most things pretty well by getting my bow proc stacks up, my ultimate up, makes sure all buffs are up, probably have a couple hits in and health on target started down to backload the burst then ulti, bow, execute.

    If you are on PC, squishy finder is your friend, but it really just checks health for you so look at that and try to pick your targets.

    You running that light on resist and health, you better not just cloak and better have a lot of speed built in and know how to use shadow image
  • Zodiarkslayer
    Yeah, 18k health and 9k resist is really low. No wonder you get killed easily. 😔

    A little bit more info would help.
    What gear?
    What skills?
    What potion, food or drink?
    What is your attribute allocation?
    How do you play?
    How do you approach ganking?
    Btw, what campaign do you even play?
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    read, think and write.In that order.
  • Dr_Con
    We are in the tanky meta. Gank builds will only work on people, like yourself, who are not following the tank meta. People were already building tanky before it became meta due to one shot builds pre-U35, now they are commonplace.
  • Necrotech_Master
    most of the good NBs i see in cyro still tend to run at least 22-26k max hp (i usually run more around 27-28k max hp with food as a kind of brawler NB)
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
    active player since april 2014
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