[SOLVED] Why only 1 research at a time for jewelry crafting?

Blacksmithing, woodworking and clothier all allow up to 3 simultaneous researches, provided they're for different equipment types, so why doesn't jewelry allow this? There are 2 equipment types, i.e. ring and necklace, so it would really help our progress on trait researches if we could simultaneously research a ring and necklace.
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  • axi
    Because You have only 2 items to research. It's still the fastest craft to progress even with 1 item at a time.
  • tmbrinks
    There are 18 total things to research for jewelry.

    I think there are 120 things to research for Clothing and Blacksmithing... and 63 to research for Woodworking. (trying to go on memory here... so might be off by a few)

    Either way, there are at least 3x fewer traits to research for jewelry than there are for any other craft. Perfectly fair that you can only do 1 at a time.
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