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[3D Prints and 3D Art] I uploaded most of my 3D models TES related for people to print

Hey everyone. I wanted to start the year by sharing something huge with the community. Which is quite literally, my art, from 2018 to 2023. I have uploaded all my sculpts and 3D models that I myself have done over the years as I sharpened my skills, of Elder Scrolls, specially Elder Scrolls Online. These include three TESOctober (2020, 2021, 2022), random sculpts I made out of inspiration, sculpt sketches, sculpts for friends, and even one model I made for Beyond Skyrim and for Skyblivion. They are all now available for you all to 3D print. Here's the list of what you can find, and a picture of the most recent models from TESOctober 2022, and newly added.

- Nord Hero
- Duneripper
- Arana/Reach Witch
- Banekin
- Daedroth
- Scamp
- Dremora
- Spriggan
- Soulshriven
- Argonian Behemoth
- Guar (with sweetroll)
- Mudcrab
- Oblivion Gate
- Daedric Vvardvark
- Enurach (custom TES inspired daedra)
- Kaalgrontiid bust
- Speaks-With-Blade/Argonian Warrior
- Owl
- Stone Husk
- Svargrim vampire form/Vampire
- Archdruid Devyric/Ursauk
- Soulrazer Knight
- Maormer/Numirril
- Skeleton with cauldron
- Pumpkin Spectre pet
- Iron Atronach
- Amenos Ornaug
- Wraith-of-Crows
- Faun
- Maligalig/Yaghra Monstrosity


And here's where you can find them all and download them:

I hope you enjoy them :)
[EU-EP-PC] @Kynes_Peace

Hjalmar Bear-Heart - Main, Stamina Warden
Svari Wild-Hawk - Magicka Nightblade
Hulda the Wild - Stamina Warden
Greg the Witchman - Magicka Necromancer
Cassius Gallus - Stamina Sorcerer
Nari War-Shield - Magicka Templar Healer
Hronvir Winter-Winds - Tank Warden
Zuna Ice-Bear - Stamina DK
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