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Mechanics Are Hard - Trials, Dungeons, Achievements, PvP, Housing, Questing, Crafting, Fishing

About Us
Mechanics Are Hard was originally founded on PSNA. After switching over to PCNA the guild name was reserved, but growing the guild was never pursued. 1½ years later, that is now our top focus! Consider it yet again a brand new guild - only 2 PSNA members came to PC :disappointed: Mechanics Are Hard was started with one thing in mind - to give like-minded players a place to group for PvE, PvP, and to simply socialize with one another. We are hoping to build a laid back, active, and fun community like we had while we spent our time on PSNA! Don't be shy or afraid to ask any questions! Our guild activities will be very similar this time around, and will include everything from crafting, questing, housing, casual PvE/PvP, and end-game 4 & 12 man content. On PSNA we had everything from a strong core group of players helping others complete end-game veteran content, to achievement seekers, to those who spent their time decorating houses, to everything in between; we would absolutely love to achieve that again for our members!

Toxicity, elitism, and drama is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. We all just want to have fun, and welcome all aspects of humor, but please do not take it too far or you will be swiftly removed from the guild! (nobody has time for any of that :wink:)

Guild Communication
A Discord server has been setup for the guild, and it will hopefully become as active as it once was while we were operating on PSNA. Feel free to come and hang out, chat, and ask any questions! Discord is not a requirement to join the guild, but it does make it easier to put scheduled groups together for specific content, and get a general idea of what content our members would like to run.

How to Join
Message @xDiminish in-game, message me here on the forums, send me an in-game mail, or comment below with your @ name, and an invite will be sent as quickly as possible!

Please keep in mind, this guild has just started recruiting members 24 hours ago! Please be patient as we fill it with active members. It all takes time, but if PCNA is like PSNA was, we should grow very quickly!
Edited by Diminish on January 7, 2023 9:29AM
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