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Multiple Glitches

I don't know who hit the wrong switch at Bethesda, but put it back. In the last 30 minutes I've had: Server time out after wayshrine use, reloadui after wayshrine use, found hidden treasure in Bal Foyen but couldn't open it, reloadUI again, couldn't load map to quick use menu...
WTH did you do, and put it back please...
Edited by ZOS_Bill on January 25, 2023 4:45PM
  • DcellDave_1369
    In the 15 minutes following my first report: another reloadui, seconds long response to fishing attempt, fishing pole disappears while fishing but can't reel in. fishing eventually started to respond, but again... WTH happened?
  • DcellDave_1369
    So, since all that (maybe 20 minutes of elapsed time), 15 second delay from wayshrine travel command till it actually sent me to new location - not in transit delay. Just standing there looking at the wayshrine doing nothing delay. I completely powered down the PS4 and restarted. The game signed me in and launched character ok, then immediately had server timeout and removed me. Again the game refused to load a treasure and survey map into quick menus.
    I'd expect some of this if I was running around in the overloaded sectors of New Life players, but I'm in the hinterlands of Western Skyrim when this was occurring.
  • ZOS_Bill
    If you've not done so, we recommend the connection troubleshooting linked below as a starting point for fixing these server timeouts and loading issues.

    Connection Troubleshooting - Technical Support - The Elder Scrolls Online
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