Hourglass of Akatosh Fragments Dissapeared

I have filed a bug report before I begin:

I have been grinding this even to get the hourglass of akatosh. I collected all 3 fragments, only to discover I actually didn't have the soulfire dragon pet unlocked. So I worked to collect those fragements. Picked up the last one Wed night before rollover. Headed to my alinor townhome to assemble them out of Collections.

The dragon assembled fine. When I went to the Hourglass of Akatosh listing to assemble them, they where not there.

Needless to say, I'm devastated and extremely upset this could happen and am thinking back to anything that possibly happened to cause this....

When I got my first 2 fragments of the soulfire pet, 2 days ago (tuesday,) there was a weird glitch that said I had collected/assembled the pet, and collected/assembled the hourglass in my heads up notifications, and in my menu announcements, it said I had assembled the pet and it was added to my collection.

Now I don't have enough time to earn the 30 event tickets to get the fragments again and have to put off collecting the stuff for the next festival that are on my bucket list.
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