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Active Dutch guild?

I'm looking for a active dutch guild. Im playing eso since launch first on ps4 but the last year on pc. Ive been playing pvp and pve.

Ik zou graag een guild joinen. Zijn er nog Nederlanders actief ?

  • fearsnoshadows
    Soul Shriven
    Hoi, je kan opzoek naar Dutch Guardian Angels. Heel fijne NL guild op de Europese pc server. Veel hulp en genoeg events voor iedereen zijn manier van spelen
  • Tinus_92
    I'll send you the discord links of 3 larger individual dutch guilds in PM
    Ingame ID: @Suni_92
  • msteentjes
    Hello Tinus_92,

    Is it possible to sent me those links too?
    I'm also dutch but so far unable to find the right guild for playing (dungeons/bosses) tried 6 or 7 guilds, everyone is running and killing like mad in the dungeon but there is no time to loot or explore, i got kicked out last week because i fell 10sec behind.
    why run at max speed to sometimes beautifull dungeons and not loot everything?
    That's how I like to play, but it's my first mmorpg and i'm 46 so maybe i expect to much, but my gameplay now is avoiding dungeons and just playing overland, avoiding bosses too, cause I can't handle these on my own.
    got killed in 1 shot the last time.
    and I'm level 50 cp 600

    Thanks in advance,
    Marcel Steentjes
    I'm a dutchie, an introvert person, but I do like to get in contact ingame, just are quickly overwhelmed when too many people are asking or saying things at once.I'm a very sensitive en emphatic person. Eso is my first mmorpg.I used to play only single player like the witcher series, skyrim, assassin's creed, tombraider and such.but after 5 skyrim playthroughs and a successor years away I thought to give Eso a try.You can always message me, I don't always respond very quick, but DO respond when I see I have a message, I'm just not that active on the forum or discord, only when playing with others.
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