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New to EU not to ESO

I'm a CP 1890 6.5 years playing on NA who in a turn of events, decided to load an EU toon to my surprise I already had a lvl 1 toon.

The lack of CP points to allocate, pre-made training gear from selects sets I like to use on new toons, lack of gold, and guilds was actually a refresher to the game.

At the moment I am looking for a no dues trade guild so I may sell predominately mats and fish until I can get gear or items worth selling after CP 160. I do not require anything other than the option to sell my wares. I mostly deal with being a tank/healer, so that is the goal, I've a long way as I have nothing to start with...not using crowns as that would be cheating.

Are there any no dues trade guilds who will welcome an NA player into their market place home? (I've been in 5 trade guilds in NA for as long as I've played the game, I love selling)
I don't need mats early on, so will probably sell everything I farm. I am no stranger to ways of making gold.

This is a screenshot of a diving board I added to a NA Trade Guild House I designed and am an Officer of, Forever Trading, for those with NA accts.
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