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Loreplay wishlist

What sort of low-key things do you wish could be added, not for gameplay mechanics, or balance, but just immersion?

I wish that after saving Bangkorai, I could be Queen Arzhela's court wizard. I wish she could be my patron and give me quests (just low-key, repeatable ones).
In fact, I wish that factions were a thing. I wish we could join, say, exclusive temples, or Daedric cults. I wouldn't mind if the basis for these was just daily quests (with good rewards), and low-key perks for building rep. I wouldn't mind if the daily quests were super low-key, just reasons to go to the many fantastic delves, public dungeons or whatever (like Mages and Fighters Guilds currently do, but with more location possibilities). But having to choose which ones to join would make me feel more like I'm part of the world, and that my choices reflect the character I'm playing.

I also wish that after completing, say, the Markarth questline, I could be dubbed Clanfriend, and from that point onwards, Reachfolk that I encounter in the world would have yellow auras, so I can choose not to fight them. I'm precious about Reachfolk, and I'm sick of getting accosted every time I try to get through Jackdaw Cove, but I imagine this sort of thing could be extended to other factions- The Blackcasters, the Wood Orcs, whatever, really. In an ideal world, it could even be extended to overland faction mobs in Cadwell's Gold and Silver- that was always a stretch for people!

I wish that there were roads between zones made sense. Especially ones that take you between provinces. These should be major routes for traders, caravaners and other travellers. Its one of the things I think they did ok with, base-game- they *mostly* make sense. But there should be, at the least, checkpoints where roads move between provinces or alliances.

I think that there are still obvious connections missing between zones- I really wish they'd put gates between Alik'r and Fallen Wastes/Southern Bangkorai: As it stands, you're completely dependent on wayshrines right now if you want to get to Alik'r. I think there should be some sort of connection between Blackwood and Murkmire: the ecologies feel similar, with a gradient from Gideon, through south-eastern Blackwood (I don't remember the name of the subzone!), and into Murkmire proper. Having some sort of passage here would allow us to really appreciate the thoughtful world design. And honestly, while I'm just running overland, doing dailies here and there, and farming mats, I tend not to use wayshrines, so it would give me more reason to even go to Murkmire.

The other one I'd say could really use a gate is between Craglorn and The Reach. I think that north-west Craglorn is meant to be kinda Reachy; at the least, it abuts directly onto it- you can see the landscapes are quite similar, despite the different times they were designed, and if you explore, you can see a valley directly North East of Dragonstar Arena that leads northwards. The region is supposed to straddle the border, so it would make sense to have a pass through here. Likewise, when you explore the south-western Reach, between Briar Rock Wayshrine and Vat Hollows, you can see several spots where passes or gates to Dragonstar would make sense.

Related, I'd love to see road signs that orient you in the world. It would be cool to see signs pointing to Imperial City in Craglorn, or Mournhold in Shadowfen.

Just some thoughts- I don't know if it can even support conversation, but I'd love to hear about the sorts of things other people think would really add to Loreplay and immersion.
  • Eporem
    I wish some of the same things as you, because I like playing characters that I feel would fit into the story/lore of eso, a character like say one of the NPC's, I would wish to have the choice of having aggressive creatures you run into like the Fauns and the Spriggans for an example now, as appearing friendly rather than as hostile for certain characters created, a choice you might make in a quest that would be a decision based on the character you play and if you run into other characters that would attack what is friendly to you, an option to engage them them as hostile instead:)

  • OgrimTitan
    Yes, that sounds right, as TES always a roleplay world first and foremost, with strong hardcore roleplay community. Back in a day text roleplay between fans and developers was a real deal, occurred not once or twice.

    Things you propose though require much work, and for now the general wish is the focus on more global improvements. I believe making each city unique (more examples like Elden Root, please?), remaking zones and models, filling the map is more important. More national differences in cultures. Those New Life (New Year) quests is a good thing, but it's 1 thing, and a lot of time passed since they were introduced. Say, how dunmeri or bosmeri celebrate New Life (New Year) or Witches Festival (Halloween)? I don't think they buy a spruce/pumpkins and make a snowman/scarecrow. Those things should be as alien to them as they are to the normal world. A lot of things can be imagined and implemented in the game from questions like that.

    What they CAN DO with not too much job is the variety of dialogue options. No one's asking about adding whole new branches of dialogues (although it would've been nice), but to make some more types of responses/questions without breaking "neutral tone of voice" of player character ZeniMax try to pursue? Sure. A lot of people roleplay scholars, genius mages, clerics, merchants, smart guys in general. Yet the questions we can ask are always the same. "Gr-r-r, wuts Tribunal?". "Br-r-r, wats Shivering Isles???". "Who r the Wyrd????". Most of those questions can be avoided, gladly, but not always. There in no option to tell Eveli you know "Investigator Vale" novels. It's like not knowing who Sherlock Holmes is. Thank you, I can [snip] read, there are literal books of this series in the game, and yes, they were added (plural) in this very DLC.

    This whole idea of stupid questions and characters going full Wikipedia on us is not really needed. I always say there are 2 types of TES players to my experience. First group is people who are into this thing, the kind who read, search, explore. You may post information openly through characters' lips, you may write it in-game books, you may imply it - they'll search and explore. To search and explore is much more rewarding than openly get, by the way. The second group is people who don't even touch quests, and then they do, it's to get this CoOl HaT. They would never even read any quest dialogues.

    So the idea is to have more intricate dialogues. Instead of [Q: Wut is Tribunal? A: Tribunal - Wikipedia Article] we can have [Q: Yep, Tribunal, tried to follow their teachings, but turns out I'm more like orthodox Mephala murder cult worshiper. A: Okay].

    There are good dialogue choices examples, too (to not make it look like I only mark bad things). You can mention to Arana your March of Sacrifices experience with Hircine. Dungeon's plot was completely unrelated to Markarth storyline narrative-wise, but is connected logic-wise. To implement a small thing like this was a nice touch. We need more things like this, I say.

    [edited for profanity bypass]
    Edited by ZOS_Icy on December 30, 2022 6:08PM
  • Eporem
    Another thing I wish for more total immersiveness would be the ability to pvp in all the zones, the decision to, or not, able to be turned on or off.

    In the zones now all we are able to do is fight the Daedra amoung other creatures, but we do not come across groups of Argonians battling against maybe Dunmer - which you probably do see in Cyrodiil, expect in groups of three - for me, I would love to see this at times wherever you might be in Nirn with the ability to join in or not...joining with the ones you choose at the time.

    Edited by Eporem on December 31, 2022 12:09AM
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