Should I go magblade or magsorc?

For pve and especially pvp? Would I have more success cloaking or having much higher mobility with the sorc?
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  • Djennku
    Pick whichever one you enjoy more. It's your game, so you should play what you want. You can also try them both out and see what you like better.
  • OBJnoob
    Magblade is super strong right now and magsorc is super weak. This is from a pvp perspective-- I don't pretend to know anything about PvE.

    If you're newish to pvp both are perhaps good choices and you'll find them unique and fun. You may even have success against people of your own skill level. If you just want to know what's best... Go magblade.
  • TechMaybeHic
    I really feel like both take a lot to play well. MSorc ceiling is very low rigt now. Probably the lowest for most. MNB ceiling is the highest with how many tools you can use, you have to learn how to line them up
  • Mesite
    When I play magblade I miss having the support of all my pets. They do all the hard work.
  • Turtle_Bot
    As a magsorc main, definitely recommend magblade for the current patch.

    Magsorc is in a very sad state right now (not that it can't do well, but the time and effort required to learn it and potentially do well with it is so much more than going with magblade).
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