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The event quest " Old life Observance" saved my emotion.

The event quest " Old life Observance" saved my emotion.

Basically, I don't like most of event quest. Surrounding Overland boss by tons of players,
and kill it instantly for the event reward. Just I hate those kind of event mission.
Because, it totally destroy immersion of role playing.

But, I like "old life observance" quest.

This extremely long road journey remind me many of memorial story quest.
Was my decision at that time correct? Should I've killed that NPC or not? ...

I don't know what kind of message did my character write on the paper.
But, each time I met souls at the shrine, I felt salvation.
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My playing time Mon-Friday UTC13:00-16:00 [PC-NA] CP over2000 now.
I have [1Tough tank] [1StamSorc-DD] [1Necro-DD] [1Real Healer]
But, I'm Tank main player. Recently I'm doing Healer.

By the way...Dungeon-Meshi(One of Famous Japanese fantasy story comic book) got finale...
Good-bye "King of Monster Eater".
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