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New skybox setting furniture : Khenarthi Weathervane

The Alkosh (Akatosh) Hourglass is fine and all, but what I am really craving for is a way to set up the weather.

Why not a weather vane dedicated to Kynareth / Kyne that would work similarly?

Sun / Clouds / Storm / Rain / Sandstorm / Snow / Cinders ... / Emberfall... / Starfall...

(especially in Serenity Falls Estate, that weather is awfully dark rainy for a "desert" biome... And not to mention the Xanmeer where the perpetual rain was a deal-breaker preventing from buying it imo)
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  • Aliyavana
    agreed. i would like clear weather all the time
  • SickleCider
    I'd love this. I'd add aurora borealis to the weather types, too.
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  • SilverIce58
    I want one because I want the weather in the Xanmeer house to be rainy all the time. Great weather for moistening the scales.
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  • Supreme_Atromancer
    I'd love this. I'd add aurora borealis to the weather types, too.

    AURORA BOREALIS? At this time of the year? In this part of the country? Localised entirely within our own houses?

    ...May we see it, ZOS???
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  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Yes, yes. Would be great. After assembling the hourglass and placing it in most of my homes, my first thought was: „Next stop: Weather effects!“, and I wondered if that was a possibility for next year‘s final prize (probably not, but one can hope).
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  • Thee_Cheshire_Cat
    where my house is, it NEVER rains... makes one kinda wish it did, once in a while for variation. A thunderstorm option would also be WONDERFUL. i get shivers just thinking about the sound effects.
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  • LunaFlora
    that would be so amazing! i really want to have permanent snow in stillwaters
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  • Jaimeh
    I would love that, and connecting this to Kynareth is a great idea, lore-wise. There are houses that have really gloomy environments because of the weather, like Cyrodillic Jungle House and Exorcised Coven Cottage, so it would be awesome to have the option to choose a different weather pattern, and if someone wanted to turn them to cheerful cute cottages, this would help a great deal as well. Same with snowfall in winter-themed houses, and so on. I'll tag @ZOS_Kevin , so they might see OP's wonderful idea and hopefully pass it on to the housing devs.
  • Aelthwyn
    This would be wonderful!
  • OutLaw_Nynx
    Yes please!

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