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Beastfolk got no tail again on the new multi-rider mount...

Like the Grand Pillion Draft Horse, if the player is either a Argonian or Khajiit on the Duo-Dynamo Dwarven Spider their tails disappear! Also Ember's tail get sent to the void as well! People likely already reported this when it dropped in the PTS, like c'mon this make no sense, it's not lore friendly! Whoever the dev in control of mount coding need to fix it, this just looks lazy! Hell, if ESO was modd-able, me a person who has a somewhat understanding of editing Oblivion mods could probably fix this! Like, if y'all could have the Beastfolk keep their tails on the individual mounts y'all could figure this out with the multi-rider mounts! Like c'mon!
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Main is Blue-Thuxis, a Argonian (mostly a) stamsorc, whose also is a werewolf! A few alts that are Blue-Thuxis' family: Nirn-Scale Rajthux (mother, Templar), Crimson-Thuxis (brother, DK), Bone-Thuxis Tharn (brother, Necro) Why Bone-Thuxis has Tharn as a last name:
The siblings were separated at a young age due to a Dres slaver raid, Blue & his mother were rescued by some Nords, Crimson was later "rescued" by some Orcs that later ambushed the House Dres Dunmer, unfortunately one Dunmer remained & sadly successfully brought the young Bone-Thuxis to the Dres plantation. Later an Imperial, a Tharn, bought Bone at a auction & later told he was free, the kid Argonian sadly had no idea where to go & doesn't know his family was still alive, so the Tharn adopted him into House Tharn. This family of Argonians finally reunited years later.
Some ESO history: I originally started from PS4 NA during June 10, 2015, I did reached CP 810+ on there. I eventually kinda got tired of paying PS+, so during February 4, 2019 I started moving to PC NA. Also CP: 810+. Nowadays I play ESO PC mostly, while PS4 is dust.
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