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You can share your other houses without add ons

Just use guild notes and put link there.
Edited by FeedbackOnly on December 22, 2022 10:15AM
  • LikiLoki
    Convenient function. I also added the name of the house. In the guild information sheet. Here it is, on the server of Europe: |H1:housing:47:@LikiLoki|hSeed of Life|h
    If there is no house in your guild, then you can post a link to any other house of any player. You can get the link yourself by visiting another player's house and opening the edit menu using the F5 key. On the left there will be a button for copying. In order to choose the best guild house, use the additions "port to friend's house" and "essensial housing tools"(there are several dozen of them here). There is a separate category of guild houses in addons. Visit them all and "steal the keys to their doors." In my guild, I specify several 2 houses at once, you are not limited by the number.
    Rename the houses the way you like to publish in your guild using fantasy.

    (Do not use my house as this, there are not enough 12 craft stations, even in my guild I offer a choice of other quality halls. At the moment, I am not ready to sacrifice the environment slots to expand the functionality. I stopped this race)
    Edited by LikiLoki on December 23, 2022 10:44AM
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