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Im looking to finally get into trials with my stamina NB, im looking for the build/gear i should get from dungeons/farming/crafting to start the normal trials. Im 1201cp Khajiit stamina NB, most things are maxed out aside from PVP stuff also staves/sword+board arnt leveled. I play on Xbox and would LOVE to get 1 on 1 with a experienced stamina NB who does trials and/or harder PVE content and possibly learn a few things. Id be willing to compensate said person for their time too if needed. its about 2:30am my time as im posting this and i normally play from 10-11pm to 7am or later depending on how i feel and how tired i am. Thank you everyone who may reply, i will appreciate any info but i would mostly appreciate someone to group within game for help. Thx!

  • El_Borracho
    Can't help you with the playing as I am on PS, but the gear is pretty simple. Best non-trial set: Deadly Strike. Can get from PVP rewards or guild traders.

    Medium sets from dungeons: Leviathan, Kinras, Tzvogins. Crafted sets: Hundlings, Order's Wrath.

    Best set to farm from trials: Relequen. Body pieces preferred to keep stacks up 100%. Other solid trial sets: Vicious Ophidian (sustain), Twice Fanged Serpent (penetration), Coral Riptide (weapon damage), Sul Xan's (good for bosses who spawn adds). Do not wear 2 trials sets as the Minor Slayer buff does not stack

    Monster sets: Stormfist, although most like running a one-piece monster with the Kilt.

    Your best way to learn is by pugging trials in Craglorn. Hel Ra and Aetherian are very easy on normal, as is Cloudrest. You'll see that running trials is primarily listening to the raid leader (usually the tank) on where to stand and learning mechanics, most of which are telegraphed by the game through audio and/or video cues. So you'll need to get a mic and headphones for chat. I'd also recommend changing your colors in-game by making the "bad" (which is usually red) damage AOEs into a bright pink so you know where not to stand.

    Have fun, meet people, and if you like it, join a guild. That is the best place to find people that will teach harder content with progression groups. Good luck!
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