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PvP...there is hope for PVE players!

Yes, I get killed a lot more than I live...

HOWEVER. It is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is pretty much a wild west.

My only advice - increase you PENETRATION. And used Ranged attackes (staff and bow).
Yes, it is cowardly and in 1:1 it is a glorious dethfest.

But little by little I am getting it... more dodge rolling, running away, and trying to work with others.

What I need to do:

1) Join a friendly PvP Guild
2) Change my armor/weapon set up
3) Patience
4) Listen to what I do not what to hear

PVE'r get in there.
Try it!

*I realize this is a very simple change that worked for me...for a short while*

Plz, share your commentz!


  • Lumenn
    Welcome to pvp. Many of us grit our teeth and dove into the dreaded pvp world for various reasons(me back when vigor took a bit more effort) and ended up loving it. Have fun.
  • Soarora
    Interestingly I've seen a trend of people moving from PvE to PvP recently or getting back into PvP. It really is one of the few things still fun tbh.
    PC/NA Dungeoneer (Heal/DPS/Tank) and Trialist (Heal/DPS) with a passion for The Elder Scrolls lore
    • CP 1900+
    • Warden Healer - Warden Brittleden - Sorc Tank
    • Trials: 8/11 HMs - 2/7 Tris
    • Dungeons: 24/26 HMs - 10/20 Tris
  • XiangliSYD
    try to keep your hp >70% at all time
    rotating a HOT (vigor) at ALL time.
    Slot/build disengagement tools (cloak, shade, mist, defensive ult, super speed)

    If your hp drops quickly, everyone on the battlefield will note that you are an easy target and will gang up on you - not a good experience.
  • jerj6925
    Here is what you need to know about PVE right now.
    1. Play a warden, they are god mode right now, and that is no exaggeration. This is the only class I have seen where they can not only solo 10 – 15 players but even kill people in those groups. Warden is effectively a raid boss in PVP.
    2. Play a dragon knight, they are dang close to god mode. Can be another raid boss in PVP say in older content, but not quite as tough as wardens.
    3. Play a Necro bomber, easy mega kills. Odd how a necro can kill 20+ players instantly and that is not considered overpowered… Could you imagine the outrage if a templar ability ever instantly killed just one person, the servers would be taken down for an immediate nerf to the templar.
    4. Play a Night Blade, you can pop in and out of stealth every second, detection pots are broken and never work reliably, radiant mage light or flare I forgot the fighters guild skill are so power hungry you will run out of juice superfast spamming the ability to find them and even though some of these abilities say they will prevent targets from going into stealth or invisible.. they don’t or not reliably many times they will just immediately stealth again. with server lag you can even burn siege and go stealth again before other players even see you.. super broken but great for night blades.

    The people playing the above classes will tell you… never mind can’t type this with a straight face they will tell you these classes are finally in a good place and … oh lord… balanced. Just keep in mind they are trying to maintain a narrative to ride this god wave as long as they can.

    Don’t play a templar, they are the joke and I think Zos just keeps nerfing them trying to kill the class. You can look up YouTube videos on templar PVP builds but remember these people are just trying to get hits on the video so they can get paid, the builds never ever work as well as the video examples they cherry-pick to demonstrate how powerful the build is. Where a templar can do ok, get a programable device that is in violation of game rules and you can do alright.

    Next, you have to accept that cheating is off the charts now in PVP with programable devices, with the ability to script in a barrage of attacks with animation cancelation in-between you will get a massive wave of attacks from one player in a split-second killing you. All they need to do is press one button and the programmable device does the rest for them. It’s an old game and Zos is just clearly not interested in any way shape or form of permanently booting these accounts from the game. Again, people will try to maintain a narrative there is no cheating going on or they have never seen it themselves but it’s all over the place.

    But hey try this for yourself and then puzzle out how others are doing it. Make your character run around in a circle and without breaking out of the circle or stopping keep jumping nonstop and use 5 – 7 different abilities while bar swapping all at the same time. Now unless these folks went to china and got 4 additional thumbs transplanted on the right hand and an additional 1 or two thumbs on the left hand… shy of using a device (that ESO says is a violation) where you can just press one button (to do all those actions) so you can keep your thumbs on both sticks at all times to keep moving in that circular pattern… I don’t know how they do it (wink, wink), but I am sure someone will say “these are just really skilled players with years of experience”. Ahh ok Sure.
  • Crow_IX
    interesting to see a PvE'r not beg for things to be nerfed. I wonder if you'd have the same take on PvP if the mastery skill bar was still high. Less proc sets, better animation canceling, solo players at high level being able to wipe groups of less talented players. The glory days of PvP.
    RIP skill based PvP days. . .
  • MEBengalsFan2001
    Best thing is join an active PVP guild that runs ball groups. Work with the ball group leader to create a build that will help the group either get kills or survive.

    If you prefer running alone, build your character on the defensive side.

    Pariah, Mara Balm, or Swift as a defensive set. Than go with an offensive set that will compliment your play style.

    Offensive Pen: 8-10K on your character sheet. With debuffs from breach you want 15-20K Pen.
    Weapon/Spell Damage: Buffed you want around 5-6K+.
    Physical and Spell Resistance : When buffed 25-40K, depending upon if you have other damage mitigation from CP, skill, gear, etc...
    Health: 30K+
    Recovery for primary stat: 1800 (before major buff from potion)
    Recovery for secondary stat: 1000+
    Resources: Just enough get a kill and stay alive

  • Xarc
    XiangliSYD wrote: »
    try to keep your hp >70% at all time

    ^ this

    Maybe it's strange but I see so many people with 5% health continuing to rush into battle or ennemies. wtf?
    When your health is under 50% many people have execute skill, and damages can be huge.
    And -25% should be a red alert with alarm and everything, for you.

    The first rule you have to follow is : do not die.
    It's not to kill people.

    This is the most important thing ever in pvp.

    Edited by Xarc on January 3, 2023 4:01PM
    FR-EU-PCsince april 2014
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