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QOL Request: Battleground Lobby

Hi ZOS. My guild runs a weekly battlegrounds event where we get three premade groups together and queue for group queue so we can battle it out in the same match together. What would make this event even better is access to a lobby system so we can ensure that the three teams get into the same match. It’ll also eliminate the wait times given that the required 12 players are ready to go, and it’ll help players of different MMRs get into the same match with each other.

Please give us the tools so we can more easily build and enjoy the communities we’ve built.
  • ketsparrowhawk
    Hi Skoomah!

    Strong agree. A BG lobby and 'Group Duels' would be amazing!
  • DrNukenstein
    BG lobby would be great to stream-line guild events.

    Could be a nice feature to engage with in regular queue too. A small map where you can hang out while waiting for the match to fill. It could even have pvp so you can pvp while you wait for your pvp.
  • huskandhunger
    Ooo I like this idea 💡 and maybe a spectator mode could be nice while people wait for their matches 🙂
  • Solantris

    or... you could let us group duel in housing so we can create our own events... that would be cool
  • Icyfire369
    I support this post!
  • Sergykid
    arenas and custom arenas like wow had/has
  • Dem_kitkats1
    BGs is in desperate need for lobbies/ custom arenas fr.
    Edited by Dem_kitkats1 on January 7, 2023 12:10AM
  • XiangliSYD
    My 7 years old daughter loves in PVP in Roblox ... even Roblox battleground has a lobby...
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