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Loving ESO life as a Steam user. Once again the update has made the option to enable mods (at your character selection screen) disappear. Yes every update is designed to disable mods. But HTH do you manually re-enable them??

I've checked the AddOnSettings.txt in the Documents folder to disable the tutorial and 1E+06 TOS agreements that insist on coming up. This assumes you get lucky and can actually login/launch the game without it hanging/freezing and/or CTD.

1 How to disable the damned TOS agreements and new game setup sequence? I've disabled references to cinematics and skipped the EULAs/TOS in the UserSettings.txt but they still come up every blasted time I try to launch the game.

2. How do you enable mods if initial login is successful and you finally get to the character selection screen? No option to manually do so exists!

I CAN'T LAUNCH/ACCESS THE GAME ZOS. Why does this keep happening??? HTH do I fix this damned thing???

What is it going to take to access the ESO+ membership and game DLC content I've overpaid for but have so much difficulty in accessing this content? Jezsus H. C.

EDIT: After 35 mins, I was finally able to access/enter the game. Yet I was unable to earn ANY tickets from either Breda or Petronius. The refugee shrine quest from Petronus Galenus was 100% unavailable. I did the Orphan quest for Breda, but only got the gift box NO EVENT TICKETS.

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  • Lebkuchen
    I know you are talking to Zos. But since they will not talk to you here (they never do), maybe it would be a good idea to explain what you mean, so other players can help you. It's always a good idea to use whole words, before you use abbreviations. And the title should show what you are talking about, and not just be a meaningless bunch of whatever this is...
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  • Mithgil
    There's an Addon selection on my Character Selection screen, so I'm unclear as to what you mean it doesn't exist. I can click on that to select/deselect individual addons, for all characters, or a specific one I select (there's a drop down menu box) and there is an OFF/ON toggle just to the right that I can disable or enable all based on what was ON prior to toggling.

    As far as the other stuff you mention it sounds like you're editing lines of code? I'm unclear here. If so, these edits maybe causing your other issues?

    My advice is to open a support ticket so that at least you're communicating with ZOS customer service and perhaps that can directly assist you.
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  • KyleTheYounger
    The Addon selection at the character selection screen and in the game menu while in game does NOT show any mods as shown below. Even the blasted Enable UI button is greyed out because the game doesn't think there are any mods in the mods folder! How to renable my mods??



  • althangoran
    Soul Shriven
    Is it possible that you have OneDrive enabled and that the addon's have been moved to that location? This occurred to my documents folder, which is where addon's are stored natively, when I first enabled it on my PC.
  • KyleTheYounger

    Thanks for the follow up and sorry about the late reply. No I don't use onedrive.

    However, after rage quitting for several days and then attempting to login yesterday, the game suddenly and most miraculously remembered to

    1. load itself normally (no more 10k EULA/TOS to accept and settings to adjust and

    2. load the AddOns folder and all included mods normally.

    IDK WTH happened. But this happens to me every flipping time ZoS pushes an update. Recommendations and solutions litter the internet boneyard for this issue. And none have really worked for me to date. I literally need to wait for the game to pull it's head out it's rear end and load everything normally

    And before you say this is likely a mod folder issue, know that I removed all mods the first time this incident occurred after this recent patch. Yet the game still continued to treat me as though I were logging into it for the first time with all the damned EULA etc.

    Also forgot to mention the frequent CTD back to load screen (no mods in AddOn) That first logon screen where you have to pick which EU/NA server you need to be on. It was always a " you've lost server connection" or some derivative of that. Repeated logging in apparently fixes this bug. But even then, there was no guarantee that --even after successfully accessing your PC screen & selecting your PC toon-- the game wouldn't CTD back to the original login screen.

    Don't know if this is a Steam issue or a universal PC player issue. But it's completely frustrating and I've yet to receive any help from ZoS. I'm at the point where it's no longer time effective to play ESO anymore. So once I've played all the DLC zones I've bought up to High Rock, I'm uninstalling the game for good.

    ESO literally devours 100GB on my HD with High Isle to date. And due to the MMO nature of the game, there's also no way to block future updates of any new DLC zones/content that you DON'T want to buy from installing on your HD. So I've been compelled to buy all the DLC zones (even though I didn't care for a couple). Just so I could justify the loss of HD storage to forcibly installed content that has been locked behind expensive paywalls.

    That psychological inconvenience and all the combat changes/nerfs/tweaks etc. they've done which have completely invalidated my PC builds I spent hours on refining to earn the unique PvE and PvP content. Don't feel inspired to play anymore and so haven't been playing it as much lately. Time to free up HD space for other titles that are guaranteed to work like RDR, NMS and upcoming Starfield I guess.
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  • ZOS_Bill
    With the OP issue resolving itself, we have decided to close this thread from future posts.
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