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Do you support Sacred Hourglass switch to another furnishing cathegory?

Simple question. I have 600/300 general items, 40/20 collection items, 5/4 special collection items and 0/4 special items in my house. That fact Sacred Hourglass (event item ffs) forces me to pay for eso plus and to remove some of already used collection items slots away to use it makes me sad and disapointed. Oh my, i never ever met kind of "special item" (0/4) in game. Why not this?

If you feel same vote up.

Do you support Sacred Hourglass switch to another furnishing cathegory? 31 votes

51% 16 votes
48% 15 votes
  • Trundik
    Forgot to add that collection items is literally worst cathegory possible. There is trophies. There is painings and small statues from eso plus purchase. Many players bought that montly eso only because of certain exclusive housing items.
  • DivineKitty
    The real problem is the actual amount of furnishing spaces total. People have been asking for years to have more space for furnishings, whether traditional or the collectables. For instance, Pets, Mounts, Assistants and Houseguests all count as the same category, and the most you can have in any house is 10. Meanwhile, "Collectable" furnishings covers everything from Storage, to Statuettes to Undaunted trophies, though this category often has room for more items per house than the others.

    So the problem isn't just "Can we move this item out of this limited category and into another equally limited one" the problem is "Why are the amount of things we can actually use at once so limited in the first place when there are so many new collectables that we'll never be able to place?"
  • Hotdog_23
    Honestly it should be in class and of itself 1/1.
  • derkaiserliche
    no i want you to suffer
  • Holycannoli
    "Performance issues on console" is what I heard the reason is for the limitations, which is damned annoying as PC players can often handle a lot more with their rigs.
  • spartaxoxo
    No. Collectibles allow it to be used in multiple homes and also ensures that it doesn't take the space of a traditional furnishing.
  • Araneae6537
    As far as I can see, only collectible furnishings can be placed in more than one house. Special furnishings (not to be confused with special collectible), cannot. Special furnishings are single placement furnishings (like traditional), and generally include items with various effects, such as the Replica Cursed Orb of Merida (Undaunted furnishing); Alinor Windmill, Decorative (Luxury furnishing); and various Crown and Crate furnishings such as mists, fog, and the Murkmire trap plants (my thanks to the forum members who contributed to a “special furnishings list” thread in 2020).

    So it would be terrible for the Sacred Hourglass to not be a Collectible, and thus not useable in multiple properties, and Special Collectible includes assistants and houseguests and I would hate to lose spots there.

    IMHO, ideal solutions would be to 1) increase all furnishing limits or 2) allow users to swap between the various furnishing and guest limitations.

    @Trundik Note that you can place additional furnishings while temporarily having ESO+ and the furnishings will remain once you no longer do, although you will not be able to add or replace furnishings once you no longer have ESO+ until you are again below the lower limits.
  • Maythor
    Considering the amount of concerns people who do housing voice, about the lack of slots and how there is a great need for increased spaces in every house, I don't know why this functionality was not added to the housing menu and not attached to the item itself.

    By all means add the hourglass model to collectables to be placed in the house should you want to, but the core functionality of changing the time of day (and while we're thinking about it why not allow a change of weather too), could have seemlessly been added to each house menu so you can set it up how you like just as you set visiting and decorating permissions.

    This is moreso something that should have been done since there is such a high premium of money housing people are expected to pour into the game to play their content.
    Edited by Maythor on December 22, 2022 5:35PM
  • Ruj
    We don't need to switch it to a different category.

    We need way more items to be allowed to be displayed from that category and others.

    Try building a farm home with how few animals we can place down.
  • kargen27
    I would like to see just a total number of items we can place and we decide for ourselves how many of each category out of that total.
    and then the parrot said, "must be the water mines green too."
  • meekmiko
    I have the same problem you have, OP.

    This is why setting the time of day should've been made an option in the house settings instead of a physical item. :/
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  • Trundik

    @Trundik Note that you can place additional furnishings while temporarily having ESO+ and the furnishings will remain once you no longer do, although you will not be able to add or replace furnishings once you no longer have ESO+ until you are again below the lower limits.

    I know. But it still seems unfair to me. Ofcourse as many responders say Hourglass function could be free. But its not. Okay, what about current idea realisation? Event items mean something that player is rewarded for certain "holiday" activity. I did that activity, worth how many? 60 or 70 tickets probably. Okay i can wait for next free ESO+ to place it without real money investment - this is cruel and makes that "reward" like a suitcase without a handle. Okay but in my house there is no space for that item, because my trophies and paintings all standing where it should. The only item I could remove is statuette with monk, that i was rewarded for purchasing eso plus in some previous period. Without it my shelf also will be empty and I rly doubt I need this Hourglass in exchange of statuette. In other case I could just replace ebonite hourglass already used in my home with sacrded one or add it to still free slots, loosing nothing, if only this item would be any another item cathegory.

    Well I agree with argument that collectibles is shareable between houses and its solid. But anyway I think collectible limit and donation request makes this "reward" a bad designed reward, that need to make solid sacrifices for use it. If I could just get back wasted hours of gameplay for it, I would ask for retribution.
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