[PC/NA] Q-u-e-e-r Misfits (Not So) Social Guild for mostly Solo Players

Q-u-e-e-r Misfits Solo Players guild is verrrry casual.
[See guild rules at bottom of this long post for the Too Long; Didn't Read]
(Dang, they censor our identity on this site. Rude)

We have a discord channel and a guild bank (This is due to inactive players only so consider this a new guild. Our old crew hasn't played ESO in a long time). We have no guild store, no trader, no anything at all except the right atmosphere for *** casual solo players to come together in discord to (maybe) chat a bit and find out what they want to try. Maybe it will be great or maybe it will die a quiet solo player death in a few months. Let's find out!

This guild might be for you if:
  • You prefer to play ESO alone, but want to see a bit of the group content occasionally.
  • You have been avoiding other guilds because you feel there is an obligation to frequently join group events that you really can't keep up with (skill-wise or socially).
  • You don't know how to play specific roles (healer/damage dealer/tank), so you'd rather play with people that stick to easier group activities so you don't have to care about all of that stuff.
  • You are a member of the q-u-e-e-r community (or are an ally) that wants a very ESO beginner friendly community with no skills or event participation obligations.
  • You like using discord (it's not mandatory but it does tend to make communication easier -- after all, solo players aren't always the first to want a ton of real time social interaction. Some of us respond better to text messages we can sit on for a while and think about before we reply)

With that in mind, this guild is understandably NOT for everyone. (I can't promise it won't die out again in a few months. That will depend on whoever joins this time around I think. We did have fun the first time around though it was short lived. I'm sure this can be fun this time too).

We're more like a group of perpetual beginners who play ESO to relax and don't want to ever make a job out of it by spending too much time learning advanced strategies and such. It likely means if we ever DO try out anything more advanced, it will be a suicide run that we agree to do purely to see what it is like, but with no real intention of getting very far unless we get lucky. We will likely stick to lighter stuff that we can do with beginner characters if needed and with no (or little) knowledge of whatever tactics people usually use. (This is just my guess based on past experience. It really depends on who replies this time around though).

Note to more advanced players: You are welcome to join if this guild appeals to moods you feel. Just please remember which guild you are in when you are asking people if they want to join you for an activity. Remember that some of us probably won't know what you are talking about it you use ESO l33t speak or require certain builds and preparations before your activity.

  1. No elitism. No elitism. No elitism. If you have skillz, please share them with your other guilds, we are just here to chat and play.
  2. No judgment. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, anxiety friendly, AND newbie friendly. (experienced players are also welcome, it's the attitude that matters)
  3. Try to keep it family friendly, please.
  4. The word "q-u-e-e-r" is special to us. Please don't tell us that you hate that word. It's the only word that many of us feel comfortable using. You don't need to identify as q-u-e-e-r in order to be in this guild, but please don't try to take it from the rest of us.
  5. Yes, allies are welcome, too.
  6. If you get frustrated with new or "poor" players, you are in the wrong guild. Raging is not okay. Also, see number 1.
  7. Ask first before assuming people want lessons in "how to play ESO". Don't assume we all want to improve. We may already be having exactly the type of fun we want to have.
  8. Respect the solo-player needs to mostly play solo.

You read the whole thing?!! Thank you!
If you made it this far and want to give it a try, here is our discord invite:
If you don't like discord, that's rough but send me message with your ESO user name and I'll send an invite.
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