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More weapon skill options...

Hey folks!

To kick of this little sub forum, I wanted to ask a question: Am I'm the only one that is kinda bummed there is no skill line for one handed weapons/dual wielding sword and staff?

I was really looking forward to play a med armor sword and staff/spell sorcerer, since that's what I always play as my first char in TES games... I know, I could use sword and board/two handed since there is no need to have a hand free for casting, but still.

What do you people think? Single spell sword skill line? Redundant or not?


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  • Vaerth
    I am sorry no one has taken a moment yet to respond to your post. I for one agree with you 100%. Do we NEED it, no. HOWEVER, this is Elder Scrolls, and that style should be an option. For example, I HATE the greatswords in ESO. I wanted a two handed sword that was not so massive for my ranger build. They have so many limits on weapons I almost unsubscribed. I have used a certain play style since Morrowind. ESO does not give that open freedom with weapons like other Elder Scrolls games, I think they got the armor down pretty well. But the weapon options, not even close yet.
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  • Erotes
    This game has so much questing and vet rank leveling... This game without a doubt NEEDS way more skills and a more intricate skill line system. I just hope they add something soon. By the time you reach the first vet rank area, most build specific skills are maxed- continuing to lvl for vet ranks becomes ridiculously pointless and boring.
  • Lynx7386
    I dont think a change to the staff/sword system is needed (staffs are 2 handed in this game, and that's not likely to change).

    I do think there is a need for additional weapon skill lines and weapon types, however. As always, the devs managed to leave out spears/polearms (why do so many games forget this weapon type, seriously?), and I think there's probably room for crossbows and such. Of course, you could argue that crossbows would fit better into the bow line, but I think they'd be deserving of an entirely different style of attacks (less AoE, more heavy/high powered single target attacks).

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  • demonlkojipub19_ESO
    I think weapons need more than 2 skill lines each for more variation on weapon attacks.
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