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2023 Roadmap

I read the lead's vision for 2023 and thought, wow, they realise that regular game content matters. We'll finally get to do something in pvp other than running laps around the same keeps and rocks like the last 5yrs!
..and then the usual disappointment.

Lead has not set out a vision that changes the emphasis at all. It's just more spin.
-Dungeon (same).
-Chapter (same).
-Whole section to fix their bugs. (Which shouldn't be there -Valheim has almost none with TWO coders).
-Then a new system - and post 'hey we'll fix the group system *insert 4yrs here* that's not encouraging.

An honest lead letter would read:
"We know you are all bored. We are actually going to do the same stuff, but we'll change the weeks a bit when it happens. We're not touching pvp, and please remember it is a banned word if you are on our official Twitch page. Give us your subs and let us make a new game".
  • Rhaegar75
    If the servers get fixed or at least improved Cyro will flourish again: best change ever. Then we can talk about more PvP stuff
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