CP and stealth points?

All the stealth in the CP pool. Stealth is pretty much for PVP right? I have never dealt with stealth mobs in my gameplay.
  • Necrotech_Master
    stealth is very useful in pve, but only in certain cases, like if you wanted to really speed through a public dungeon without fighting stuff (aka mages guild quests) (though this works best on a NB with cloak)

    stealth is also very useful if you are into thieving and stealing stuff in towns, or doing the thieves guild heists or dark brotherhood sacraments

    for NPCs they work on the principle of a "vision cone" and have much better detection radius from the front than the back, if you have your stealth super good, you can even steal while being in front of an npc and they wont notice

    reduce sneak cost and reduce stealth radius are the only real useful things for pve stealth though, increasing your stealth detection radius is more of a pvp thing
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  • Castagere
    OK, thanks for replying.
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