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How is XP determined

Same gear, same buffs (Mead and Crown XP scroll) 1 character gets 60k per dolmen another one gets 10k. At one point the one getting 60k suddenly went to 30k (no my buffs didn't expire). I've googled this to death and yeah I know "it depends" on sets and buffs but all things being equal what factors into your XP gain? Level? Gear? I'm dying here.

Thanks everyone
  • freespirit
    Possibly Racial passives? 🤔
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  • Savina
    You will receive more XP for the first time a character clears a particular dolmen. You also gain different XP depending on if a general is spawned as the final boss. The first time you kill each of the given generals at a Dolman you also gain more XP. So there are actually several things you can not control that go into the final amount of XP given.
  • robertlabrie
    So I "figured it out" and wanted to close the loop. The difference was that on was below L50. Below L50 XP gain is trash. Once you get to CP10 its much larger, plus I was "enlightened" so mystery solved. Wish it was easier to grok. TY all.
  • Nestor
    I would not say trash exp, more it is in proportion to what is needed to gain the next level.

    One thing i will strongly suggest you get a character to CP160 before doing a lot of leveling of Alts. CP10 to CP160 is kind of goofy gear wise and you really only want to do that once. Once one character is at 160, any Alt who gets to L50 is at 160, or what ever CP level your account is at.

    Training is a good trait to have on gear when you are farming exp. As a guildy to make a set for you for your leveling alt or the other one that is not at 160
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