Furnishing idea: visitor notes and a ingame furnishing mailbox.


The ESO housing community is one of the most active and creative communities. I often spend my time visiting people houses. While the addon Housing Hub is amazing I often wish I could leave behind a small visitor note.

When I played WoW back in the day I was able to keep letters I received from other players. A handful of special notes I kept with me my whole WoW career.
I would love something similar within ESO. If I receive a visitor note from another player I would love to be able to save them/ and or show it as readable furnishing.

What about a furnishing notice board where one can leave messages? One can set it to public or private within ones house so other people can read/write. To keep servers from overloading one can put a limit on the amount of messages one can showcase.
This would be an amazing asset for community making. And it would be great for the RPers too. If I would get a small note from someone that would absolutely encourage me and make my day. Telling something about the particular detail I admired in someone's build would be so nice.

Would love to hear others thoughts on this.
Zha'ishii - Kahjiit nightblade (main) PC-EU
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