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Survey drops for DLC zones

I bought Blackwood and High Isle in cash and I get surveys for those zones. I bought Summerset with crowns and I do not. I have ESO+ and I don't get surveys for any other non-base game zone. Is the drop tied to how you got the zone?
  • Necrotech_Master
    it shouldnt be, im pretty sure you could get the surveys for the zones even if you dont have access to them at all, pretty sure its just RNG considering theres like 30 zones and all of them have surveys

    not really sure why it would matter that much, as the surveys give the same rewards regardless of where you have to collect them
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  • robertlabrie
    It doesn't matter but I'm curious is all. I've never ever ever in 2 years gotten one for either Elsweyr, for example.
  • Reverb
    There are no surveys for Summerset. I have no idea why, I can only assume it was an oversight that hasn’t been important enough to revisit.

    Surveys in other DLC/Chapter zones drop without regard to you access to that zone.
    - Wrothgar
    - Vvardenfell
    - Elsweyr
    - Western Skyrim
    - Blackwood
    - High Isle

    Players who don’t have access to zones behind a paywall usually stockpile those surveys until the ESO+ free trials.
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