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Refining Raw Materials Question

Is there any way to control the amount of raw material I refine, so if, for example, I have 400 of a specific material, is there any way to designate just half of that amount (i.e., 200) for refining?
  • Veinblood1965
    Not that I'm aware of on PS4 at least. It's all or one by one.
  • Necrotech_Master
    Not that I'm aware of on PS4 at least. It's all or one by one.

    pretty sure the base game UI is the same on PC too

    its possible there may be addons to control this, but i havent tried looking (or know if its even allowed to be done by addons)
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  • Talyndor
    For what it's worth, I am on PC
  • Aislinna
    On PC, when I've selected a single material to refine, I get a plus/minus icon next to the quantity that I can use to adjust it to be other the max/min.


    Clicking/scrolling the icon will increase/descrease the amount by 1, holding shift will increase/decrease it by 10.

    Hope this helps.
  • F1thyphil
    Hold square, then once the box comes up with the number hit triangle, then right or left to add or subtract the amount you want to refine.
  • Danikat
    You can definitely do it on PC (without addons). I select the material I want to refine, click the button to jump to the minimum amount and then click the + to go up to the amount I want to refine.

    I don't think you can do it if you've selected multiple materials though, then it will do the maximum available for all of them.
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