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when Crafting; "ebony" stone makes me crash

I need to craft two golden writs. One needs Valley style, the other one needs Vanguard... none of which use the "ebony" stone next to the minotaur style. I am marked as having zero ebony stones. I just need to pass by ebony to reach the other styles I actually need. But just touching the style selection on "ebony", makes me crash no matter where. I tried using the mimic stones to make an ebony, but instead, the game took two mimic from me without giving me any ebony. I have essentially lost all writs that require styles beyong ebony, two mimics, and the ability to craft in peace...I can't even record it because the crash stops the recording and prevents any progress from being saved.
Edited by ZOS_Bill on January 4, 2023 8:23PM
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