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Can't sign in?

Evening, Dec 10th. A lot of our team cannot sign in to the game. It says we can't connect to the playstation network when we attempt but all other psn features/games appear to work.
Some of us are in the Midwest, some of us are in the UK.
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  • Vixen_Wild
    My friend and I are having this issue with logging in on the NA server. I can get into the EU server to the character screen
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  • Chrisbar
    Same here, PS EU is working, NA seems to be down.
  • PikkonMG
    Same haven't been able to sign in all night so far PS NA @ZOS_Bill @ZOS_GinaBruno this a ESO issue or Playstation?
    Edited by PikkonMG on December 11, 2022 1:36AM
  • Ruhlf
    Same. Can’t sign in. Reset everything. Still no go.
  • ZOS_Bill
    The issues related to logging in to the North American PlayStation megaserver have been resolved. For this reason the thread will be closed from further discussion.
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