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Vampire...Feeling Meh...

(Let's be clear from the start, this is not about how much others hate vampires, how bad Zenimax has done, or how much the devs hate us all. All nonsense, and not up for that argument.)

So to get to my problem...yes...MY problem, not the developers. This is an rp problem I am in.

So I finished the Dark Heart of Skyrim with my main, a Fighter's Guild knight like toon who flourished in that setting. When I finished it, I was so pleased with it. It feels like one of the best story lines I have played in a very long time (yes, that is subjectable.) In fact, it felt so good to me, that it was time to leave that character on a break, take him home so to speak, and let him rest. Anything else right now would seem so small. That was how much I liked the story.

Now the problem: My next toon I started pushing....a vampire. I am now playing him, and he is crossing some of the story lines, but I dont know that I will go all the way through it with him. I may! However, he no longer feels special.

"So, you are a vampire, like whaaa.....all those other ones that are well known, out there, obvious vampires and everyone is okay with it? Didn't they save the world? Don't some lead houses? Cool, you need something? Oh, by the way, why are you smoking, don't tell me you are one of those loser ones that can't stand in the sun! Hahahahaahah...."

As I said, to my credit, my problem, and I know it. Elder Scrolls vampires were not as well known, not just out there, and not really a trusted lot. They were kind of unique. Let's face it, even if every player played a vampire, they would still be unique around Tamriel.....until now. I know the Grey Host had alot to do with that, and I suppose (spoiler) with their demise, maybe vampires become more rare?

Has anyone else thought of this, been bothered by this, and more importantly found a headcanon solution to it? I don't really rp with anyone, so its not like I am worried from that side of it, but I do write, and my vampire is somewhat traditional (but still within ES fiction).

(Please keep this civil. It's not a bash post, and no need for a bash thread. If you hated the story line, this isn't really for you unless you can look past hating the story line. Thank you!)
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