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Full circle: Western Skyrim to Coldharbour, the 3 alliances, Elsweyr, and now Markarth

I started ESO early 2020, and was dumped into Western Skyrim, because the starting points back then were just the latest released chapter location. Many months on, I found out about the "Main quest", and so entered Colharbour, and very much enjoyed it. I then started working my way through the 3 alliance quest series, and eventually achieved Cadwell's Gold. After that, I completed the Elsweyr zone (and epilogue) quests (I just finished the epilogue today, in fact).

That brings me to Rivenspire, to have a chat with the loveliest vampire of them all, Gwendis! :) My objective was to continue the prologue quests for the Markarth DLC. I did the prologue quest "The Ravenwatch Inquiry" not long after starting ESO, and had absolutely no idea it was a prologue quest for a DLC I didn't even own at that point. From there, I started its successor, "The Gray Council", and found myself in Grayhome, under-leveled and under-prepared. The reanimated vampire ( I won't say who, trying to avoid spoilers ) destroyed me. I tried to defeat him multiple times, and just ended up dead each time, as I was woefully unprepared.

So now, I just entered Ravenwatch Castle in Rivenspire, and had a short chat with Gwendis, who said things about Count Verandis ( trying to avoid spoilers, here ). I then went outside to head for the cart that takes me to Grayhome, and found Gwendis, dressed in completely different attire, and talked to her about Grayhome. A bit weird, that! LOL :) But that's what I get for doing some quests in the wrong order.

Anyway, time to take my much leveled-up character to Grayhome, and destroy that vampire. It's payback time, ha ha! LOL :)

P.S. Before traveling via the cart, I went back into the castle, and yes, Gwendis is still there! :) Hmmm... must be a vampire thing.
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