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World Boss Wednesdays & Dungeon Fridays (Xbox - NA)

I see a lot of people on here looking for someone to group with for some of the basic content. I run two weekly guild events (World Boss Wednesdays & Dungeon Fridays) that are open to the public (not just for guild members). Everyone is welcome to join! on Wednesdays, we just run around killing world bosses and then we do whatever everyone wants afterward. on Fridays I run people through normal dungeons. My Xbox gamer tag is "OGCryptor". Both events start at 8PM PDT (West Coast time) on their respective days.

I am more than happy to help anyone with lover lvl content, just DM me.
Casually Xbox Guild: Discord Server - Recruiting Thread - Guild Website - My information: Instagram - Twitch Stream - Youtube Channel - Discord Server - Xbox GT: OGCryptor - Mastodon Profile
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