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Sheo's Wee Wabbajacks (new family oriented guild)

My wife and I both play ESO along with our tween son. Our son wanted to meet and play with other kids his age, but we're not sure how to make that sort of a connection for him. Since we couldn't find a family guild with other parents and their kids, we decided to make our own. Our guild is a relaxed guild meant to be a safe place for parents and/or their kids to play together online. As parents we are just as concerned about a safe online experience for our child and so we intend to monitor the guild to make sure it stays that way. Of course, the game itself is rated ESRP17, so this would mean that as parents we are already accepting and allowing our kids to play in a more "adult" themed environment. As is the way of the world these days, our kid sees and hears much worse than is typically found in ESO, so we're not too worried about that. If you're a parent with kids that play together or you're just a parent with a child who plays and you want a safe place for them, then this guild is the one for you. I have played since launch (2015) and I try to help folks out when I am able. We intend to run zone clears, dungeons and whatever else may be of interest to everyone. Look us up in the Guild Finder!
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