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Reminder: crash on startup (error12) fixed, perhaps this can help you

I got this issue since days I even created a help topic on tech forums here, I'm also posting here so everyone can see since tech forums gets tiny attention, so please moderators don't remove this thread,

My ESO main folder were included a "special" character as in folder name, I did looked the logs, it seems it is written as "?" because game cannot read it and it results in crash at startup with crash post pops up. Renamed the folder with English, PROBLEM SOLVED, game suddenly loads into splash screens. WARNING: This will break the game shortcut, find "eso launcher" exe, right click create a shortcut to replace.

So, if your a both English and non-English person and you renamed the main eso folder with your liking words, it wont work. You have to only english font with no special characters.
"special character" in my case was a word in my native language.

SECOND FIX: Close MSI afterburner from sys tray and uninstall Riva Turner. Overlay software these days hated by developers so such software will not work within the game at same time. Discord MAYBE also affected with eso.

THIRD FIX: click checkbox "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations" right click game exe properties then compat tab. (This will also reduce the CPU heat within the game)

4TH FIX: Turn off Windows 10/11 bloated Game Mode. Settings>Gaming>left side Game Mode

Now if you excuse me, I have to save Bleackrock citizens and chat with Mirri about why we cannot sit and drink in Taverns.

My previous thread from tech forums:
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