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12 Players queueing same time for 4v4v4 BG - No match found for ages

Since Cyrodiil is not playable on PS EU anymore my pvp guild tried to group up for a 4v4v4 battleground match yesterday.

So we had 3 groups, were in a party together, queueing up at same time - were not able to find a match for 10 - 15 minutes.

How is this possible ?

My thought is, there might be only like let me say three battleground matches aviable at the same time on the server. If these three were already running, we couldnt find a match, even when we had everything we needed for a perfect matchmaking.

Also at some point all three groups queue popped but we came in different matches.

At some point it worked and we could play together but it alway took ages.

Can we get a statement about the matchmaking please ? I doubt we will get a group duel game mode, so it would be nice, if at least this queuing together would be working.

  • gariondavey
    This would happen for hours sometimes and our bg guild would have to call it
    We've asked zos for a lobby for years but they won't give us that, a proper queue system for mode selection, a rework of objective modes, new maps, or anything else.
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  • Amerises
    I believe the number of instances is the issue. I imagine their system is only set up to handle X number of BGs at a time. On BG weekends, queue usually takes longer, but more people are playing, which again, leads me to think servers only allow a certain number of BGs.
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