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Character suddenly gone after game crash!

So I was playing with my friend yesterday, together we had the "ring of mara" for that extra little exp help. After about five hours, I started to get som wierd lag issues. All of a sudden i get "the crash"

...logging in to find myself once again at character creation, felt wierd being there again, can't leave it so i have to make a new one or logout of the game.
Once that one was made i logout to character screen to enter on my character of five hours. He is gone! Nowhere to be found and I'm "freaking out", kind of.
So i do what I always do when some *** goes wrong, customer support, staring ingame.

Make my new character, writing my ticket and then waiting. "Enters problem nr 2"; I'm getting "the crash" again. once more this character is gone! Havent been able to make a character since.

Does anyone know what is wrong? I've been in contact with support, they'be wanted some account info, and they have been given it. but now it's been like a dark silence for seven hours and counting.
  • Krille2a
    I've been in contact with support for both in-game and in e-mail. Nothing happens, I've tried to report it as just losing a imperial edition item aswell. Still there is nothing. Feeling kinda down about this game I have to say. Do hope you aren't experiencing this problem.
    Edited by Krille2a on March 31, 2014 5:33AM
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