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Struggling to gain Prestige

Let me start by saying that my skill and understanding of ToT is not great but i can beat the novice NPCs most of the time.

Today the only way I seem to be able to gain prestige is by sacrificing a card, I am not getting any at the end of a hand even if I go on a run which would make me think id get some prestige.

Also am I correct in thinking that if I have an active defender card my opponent cannot gain prestige until they get rid of my defender card? That seems to be the way it has worked so far but today my opponents have defo gained prestige while I have a defender card and they did not use sacrifice.

Have the mechanics been changed or is it a bug? Has anybody else had similar issues? Only happened today but in all 3 games I have played.
  • SeaGtGruff
    It's possible to gain Prestige directly by using the Hlaalu patron or any card that adds to Prestige rather than Power, which will bypass any agents which must be attacked before Power gets converted to Prestige at the end of the turn.
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  • rbfrgsp
    What you're describing as a Defender is a type of what's known as an Agent.

    Agents are the cards which you place out in front of your current hand, and they remain in play until used.

    Some agents have a Taunt ability. The taunt does as you described - it blocks the other player from converting power into prestige.

    However - not all agents have this taunt ability. So you can have an agent set out in front and if it does not have a taunt ability, then your opponent will still be able to convert their power into prestige.

    Additionally, what @SeaAtGruff says is accurate - there are some ways to gain Prestige directly, without first gaining power and then converting it. This direct prestige bypasses a taunt and lets you grow your score even while an opponent has an active Taunting Agent.


    As for your low Prestige generation: there are some decks with very very low direct power generation. These are: Hlaalu, Rahjin, Celarus and (to a lesser degree) Red Eagle. If you are playing with some or all of these decks, then you may find it very difficult to generate power points without making a card combo or - as you said - by sacrificing your own cards.

    This can be a beneficial situation if you are wanting to control power generation in your game. However, if you are finding this play style challenging, you should select at least one deck with strong direct power generation (Pellin or Hunding being the two best at this).
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  • SilverBride
    Your opponent may also be gaining prestige with the Orgnum deck. Many of those cards give prestige rather than power.
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