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who wants a house with no view

Also that only has one bedroom and no other rooms per say. Mostly stairways and a tower that doesn't have a view of anything.

This is the snow globe home.
Edited by Kendric5 on December 3, 2022 2:20AM
  • Elsonso
    Kendric5 wrote: »
    Also that only has one bedroom and no other rooms per say. Mostly stairways and a tower that doesn't have a view of anything.

    This is the snow globe home.

    But the location is perfect for anyone who does the New Life Festival... :smile:
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  • spartaxoxo
    Snow globe has two solid rooms, at least. And can easily be divided up to more. But, there's the main hall and the cellar bedroom. There's a door inside the house that leads to the other one. I personally think the view is nice, especially from the tower. You can see the tent outside and a bit of snowy landscape.
  • Diebesgut

    ... i love the SnowGlobe Home and my Khajiit love it too!

    Outside they build a Winter Crystal Dream, a liitle sleigh with little Indriks and a lot of presents waiting for Christmas, they can warm their paws, sitting around a campfire...

    Inside they build a very cozy room, a small wooden kitchen with every food they like, they can all sit around a cozy fire, playing games, reading books, talking about how the year has been, the people they meet, the adventures they survived... a wonderful house for relaxed gathering, waiting for Christmas and New Years Festival.

    ... surrounded by a lot of sweetrolls of course.

    We love it
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  • PDarkBHood
    Love the Snowglobe home too. Very cozy!

  • the1andonlyskwex
    The snow globe is the only home I like enough to even consider buying with crowns (although I still haven't bought it yet, because I'm cheap and not really into decorating).
    Edited by the1andonlyskwex on December 4, 2022 5:28PM
  • Jaimeh
    It's house inside the snow-globe, hence the view is whatever is around the globe on the table. I actually thought it was pretty neat that what you see outside is from the miniature POV of being in the globe.
  • Tenthirty2
    No view? Nonsense.
    During the last New Life Festival I had several giant eyeballs and other random body parts displayed across the sky. :#
    Maybe not the best views but certainly makes things interesting when entertaining house guests.

    Just wish ppl would keep their damn fingers off the globe, fingerprints are the worst.
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  • Thee_Cheshire_Cat
    i think it would be fun, for those who get this home to also get a snow globe OF the home to display in another home. :D
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  • gameswithaspoon
    In the Snow Globe Home.... you are the View.

    Also my Guild's New Life Dueling Arena.


    Under Construction.
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  • Nightowl_74
    The snow globe is one of my favorite homes. I love how it feels like a cozy little sanctuary in the midst of a winter storm, and to me the way it's designed so you can actually see a bit of the larger outside world helps create that atmosphere. I'm not sure it would appeal to me so much if the view were more open, but it's hard to say for certain.
  • fizzylu
    I also like the snow globe house, although I'd never buy it since I stick to 700 slot homes. Main point though, I definitely don't care if my house has a view. I actually would like to see some more smaller, simple homes with more slots and less landscape.
    Edited by fizzylu on December 8, 2022 1:48AM
  • PDarkBHood
    Wow, changed the floor from the above picture and it looks even warmer and more inviting!txmpcabkf2t9.jpg
  • PingTheAwesome
    I modeled mine to feel like it's Christmas Eve and everyone just stepped away for a moment. It literally is meant to feel like it is the night of with a cozy nearly suspenseful feeling.

    UPDATE: And now seeing these photos posted here, I'm tweaking the place. Again.
    Edited by PingTheAwesome on December 13, 2022 6:21AM
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  • Aelorin
    This is a great house! Screenshots added. If there is no view, then you should make one yourself!
    Edited by Aelorin on December 13, 2022 5:37PM
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